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Vicem asked us to Design a high-performance yet silent yacht that will appeal to many different types of owner. The first thing we talked about was performance: the Vulcan 46 had to guarantee high speeds, low fuel consumption and excellent stability. Its performance is the result of a recipe that involves several different ingredients: the proportions of the lines, structural equilibrium and harmony between the elements. Materials were important too: composites meant that we could create a light and also incredibly silent yacht.

What is new though is that the staircase is the central part of the interior, connecting the decks in one open space with an entrance to the terrace of the sun deck from the inside. It’s the heart of all areas and was designed in collaboration with Art-Line Interiors. We both felt it necessary to provide guests with a greater degree of comfort onboard. Aside from being a beautiful design, it allows passengers to get to the fly without having to go outside. It also floods the interior with light all the way down to the lower deck because it welcomes the sunlight in from above. This was an idea we wanted to develop. It’s very important to us to create a connection between the various spaces. It’s something we do on all our yachts. The connection between the sky lounge and the flying bridge is something we’ve always wanted to create. Here we’ve achieved it with a spiral staircase that goes upwards and comes out at the front of the fly without interrupting its flow.

The project also feels very harmonious because, I think, of the excellent relationship between the various companies involved in its creation. We’ve known Art-Line since the 1980s and we’ve worked on many, many yachts together. In this particular case, the interior designers followed the soft, curving lines we designed and that underscores the sense of continuity that flows through the yacht. You can even see it in the seat in the round window. The Vicem management team was hugely enthusiastic about the project and collaborated very well on the engineering side. We endeavoured to style the exteriors so that they would have a distinctively Vicem character that we could also transfer to the smaller models. The curves and flowing line are organic and are something of a signature of ours.

It’s a modern yacht that’s designed for a mature owner. The kind that wants to cruise with the family, with their kids and grand kids.

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